To Turn a Page: Shared Reading Victoria is a not for profit that engages communities through Shared Reading Circles.  Shared Reading is a social movement that connects people with words, emotions and each other.  

Shared Reading Circles offer a place where people can come together in a safe, non-judgemental space to meet others and read aloud. In our modern lives it is often easy to lose connections to each other and ourselves.  Shared Reading Circles are a space to grow confidence and this can be life-changing.  Shared Reading works for all ages, in different languages and across generations.  The Circles are a place to find yourself and others by building connections and increasing a sense of well-being.


Shared Reading is an easy and relatively low cost activity that works with any age group, across generations, with any language and in most settings; all you need is a Host, a book and a room with people.

Shared Reading Circles work in all situations, workplaces (for team building) social groups (to build connections) or healing facilities such as hospitals and aged care homes (to increase well-being).   


 To Turn A Page: Shared Reading Victoria offers:

  • training on how to be a Host of your own group

  • weekends retreats to Read, Relax and Rejuvenate, 

  • one on one bibliotherapy sessions

  • will organise Host readers for your workplace, social group or club


Contact us to explore how Shared Reading Circles, or one on one bibliotherapy can work for you.