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World Poetry Day Featured Poet - Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath, born in the US, studied in the US and the UK, married to Ted Hughes, often see as a tortured soul. The poetry she produced over her short life, has stood the test of time and is still as relevant today as it was when it was first published 50 years ago.

Her poems speak of longing, of feeling trapped, of loss and her life long depression. She wrote of her life, using what she knew as the basis of her powerful storytelling. Plath is often claimed as a feminist author. Much of her work was published after her death.

"Lady Lazarus" a poem from the collection "Ariel", is a poem about death, and death by one's own hand; just like a cat, the narrator has nine lives and once a decade will kill herself, death is like as art, and she is good at it. This poem can also be seen through a feminist lens: that men control all female artist endeavour, but can only be held down for a moment, as women will rise.

Plath, herself, described, in a BBC interview, that the narrator is a " good resourceful woman", who has to die to be reborn, just as a phoenix, or "a libertarian spirit."

The poem can be found here, at the Poetry Foundation website.

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